Judith G. Levy
Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, FloridaSappho Beach, Glory, KansasThe People's House, Washington, D.C.Premonition Point, Ozark, Calif.Splendid Country Roads, Refuge Co., South DakotaFrederick Douglass Park, Valor, VirginiaGreetings from Ravage, IdahoAlbertson Square, Hopeland, Mo.
Panoramic Postcards, an ongoing series

Panoramic Postcard Installation, Kansas City
inkjet on paper mounted on Sintra
22 " x 60" each and 11.5" x 4.5" each

Each of the postcards are created from digitally extracted elements from approximately 15 to 20 found, illustrated, vintage postcards.
I produce them in two sizes, one 23 inches x 60 inches and the other suitable for mailing.

I am interested in how postcards, as souvenirs, often seek to enhance the viewers perception of a natural scene, historical site, or cityscape, while at the same time reduce meaning and reflect prevailing ideology to obscures or avoid issues. So I am creating postcards that look like typical cards, and I mimic what I call "postcard language" to confront such things as racism, the plight of the Indians, and the development of cities. I digitally extract details from many, found, illustrated postcards and recombine them.