Judith G. Levy

I create art that focuses on public history, popular culture, politics, and my own identity. My videos, prints, photographs, performances and installations explore how stories, memories and legacies are created and examine the charged content that exists between the lines. I often blend fiction and fact to illustrate how the threads of individual, cultural and national narratives rely upon fabrication, omission, and mistakes as they become accepted constructs of informal and formal history.

My work uses familiar imagery and recognizable references, appropriation, and commonplace text and objects to create work that examines subjects such as racism, the expansion of the American West, and non-hetero-normative identity. Creating work that is complex but easily accessible is important to me. My work is influenced by my own queerness, by my former experiences as a social worker and community-organizer and by the struggles faced by my immigrant grandparents who had an endless capacity to question authority.