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Reversing the Order (ZE/SHE/HE)
Reversing the Order (ZE/SHE/HE)
neon, transformer
approx. 48 in. high x 24 in. wide

I recently started to work with neon to explore my interest in how ideas and language/text evolve to more accurately represent an ever-changing world. In Portrait of a Male Platypus/Sex Chromosomes, for example, I represent an accurate description that was once denied by scientists, because it did not fit into their paradigm. In Reversing the Order (ZE/SHE/HE) I explore the use of pronouns and question the hierarchy of binary descriptors and how the use of pronouns is related to inclusion and power. In this work, I place the ZE to reflect where this pronoun stands in traditional usage and acceptance, however, I choose to light the piece from the bottom up, so that it starts with the ZE.
My interest in text and language is seen in other projects, such as Panoramic Postcards, where I study the ideology of postcard language and imagery in order to create new "old" postcards that are not benign souvenirs but rather, provocative commentary on American culture and history.