Judith G. Levy
Family Memoir
This work, Family Memoir, was included in a group exhibition, "Disturbances in the Field", at la Esquina Gallery in Kansas City in 2015. I created 36 posters that convey the emotional truth of my family's history, and highlights family secrets, fabrications, foibles, struggles, aspirations, failures and joys. I was particularly interested in integrating LGBTQI content into the whole, to acknowledge our queer place in the context of our families. For the exhibition, I also created an outdoor component, consisting of 36 signs that each correspond to one of the posters. I am interested in how familial stories and formal, historical narratives are constructed. I explore presentations and legacies that tell about who we are and how we got to be the way we are.
I first began to work on this project, while I was in residence at Art Omi International Artist Residency in 2014.
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