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Albertson Square, Hopeland, Mo.
Albertson Square, Hopeland, Mo.
inkjet on paper mounted on Sintra
23"x61" and 4.5"x11.5"

This is one of four Panoramic Postcards I created for a window commission in Kansas City. It is about the growth of American cities and the need for creating recreational areas for working-class and low-income populations. In my mind cities, like Hopeland, MO. did a good job integrating recreational needs of working class populations into their downtown city plan. I invented the city of Hopeland, because no major American city has effectively sustained an interest in accommodating the housing and recreational needs of working class citizens whose incomes tend to require that they live far from city centers.

I create these postcards in two sizes. One is large enough for the viewer to "enter' the scene, and the other size is a typical mailing size card.