Judith G. Levy
NV in KC: a story about envy among artists in Kansas CityShannon and GarryJudith and JaimieJudith G. Levy and Julian Zugazagoitiasupport group sceneJudith and ErinRaechell Smith interviewJudith and Rachael CozadJudith and CarolSherry Leedy interviewJeff Harshbarger and Sean TeamerPsychotherapy sceneJudith and Saralyn
NV in KC: a story about artists and envy in Kansas City

De De DeVille, Carol Holstead, Judith G. Levy, Erin McGrane, Shannon Michalski, Garry Noland, Jaimie Warren, Rachael Cozad, Saralyn Reece Hardy, Sherry Leedy, Raechell Smith, Julian Zugazagoitia

music by
Jeff Freling, Kirsten Paludan and Cody Critcheloe

a community filmmaking project funded by
an Andy Warhol Foundation Rocket Grant award

NV in KC: a story about artists and envy in Kansas City is a humorous and probing film set in the vibrant art world of present-day Kansas City. Well-known, local performers and notable arts leaders star in this humorous and probing tale about artist Lee J. Ross' efforts to come to terms with her own envious feeling and those of her friends. Invented narrative is blended with documentary-like interviews to tell a story that was filmed in Lawrence and Kansas City and captures the complexity of a challenging emotion.

Interviews with actual arts leaders, Julian Zugazagoitia, Sherry Leedy, Rachael Cozad and Raechell Smith, and Saralyn Reece Hardy, psychotherapy sessions, and a studio break-in add to the mix in this exploration of envy.

Special thanks to the Charlotte Street Foundation and Spencer Museum of Art who are the local Rocket Grant administrators