Judith G. Levy
I am an interdisciplinary artist who creates videos, installations, public art, performance and two-dimensional work. For the past several years, my work has explored elusive and explicit aspects of American public history, contemporary culture, and personal narratives. I investigate how stories, memories and legacies are created and examine what exists between the lines. By blending fiction and fact, I illustrate how the the threads of individual, familial and national narratives include fabrications and omissions as they create understandings that become formal history and family lore. I use humor and the suspension of disbelief to tackle difficult subjects, such as racism, immigration, identity, and ideology.

More recently I have also become interested in exploring the nature of creativity and the social and psychological world of the artist. I have created three new works, IMPOSTOR, a 3 minute documented film of a performance I did at Art Omi, IMPOSTOR#2, a durational performance that took place in Kansas City, and SHADOW, a fourteen minute film that uses humor to explore the source of creativity and is an official selection in this years 's Free State Film Festival. Most recently I created an installation, Family Memoir, to "convey the truth of a thing, not to be the truth itself" (from God in the Ruins by Kate Atkinson).