Judith G. Levy
Panoramic Postcard Installation, Kansas City
inkjet on paper mounted on Sintra
23 " x 61" each
Panoramic Postcards was commissioned for the U.S. Post Office window through a collaborative effort between City Center Square and the Urban Culture Project in Kansas City. Each postcard was created from elements from approximately twelve to twenty-five vintage postcards that were digitally recombined to create a new image that was clearly linked to the past. Postcards were, for many years, a popular and affordable to way to send a brief message or picture. They became a way for many people to stay in touch, share good or bad news, or talk about love. Postcards were an important way for citizens to send images of vacation spots, big cities, or natural wonders and to acknowledge the history of the United States as it developed and grew. I handed out a user-friendly postcard, one of the four images, to passersby.

photo courtesy of Tom Ryan
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